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Building an Evergreen Sales Team

Setting up your sales team as affiliates is a great way to start building towards an evergreen sales team. By that I mean a sales team that is constantly renewing itself. Facing the fact that sales people often move on to other things and need to be replaced in order for your business to keep growing is evergreen thinking.

It may be a little disappointing when your top sales person tells you they are moving on but if you are thinking evergreen you are already prepared. You have a replacement program in place and your sales team is adding new members faster than it is loosing them.

The evergreen sales team is pruning itself without effort and generating new growth naturally because you have systems in place designed to make that happen.

New sales people need training.
In the old world we had training rooms filled with new recruits in training.
Trainers were constantly training them at company expense with no guarantee of successful sales to pay for it.

The human resources department was constantly running ads and interviewing potential recruits. The interviewing process was an added expense.

Setting up an affiliate program can cut the cost enormously. The training program is integrated and done online. The candidate starts by filling out an online application that is accepted online and moves on to online training.

Even if the sales are done in person the sale is entered online, the orders are processed and the commissions are paid all online. This way you can hire and train hundreds of sales people with the same amount of effort that was required to hire and train a few. The accounting is integrated and the costs and profits are easy to track.

All that is required to make it evergreen is putting the right incentives in front of the right group of potential recruits.

The cost of setting up an affiliate program depends on how much you want to include in it. It is something you can do in house but you are more likely to see better results with proper outsourcing. It isn’t a total set it and forget it system either so budget for an affiliate manager as well. There again you can hire a full time affiliate manager for five thousand a month or out source it for a fraction of the cost.

This is a new industry and is in the process of converting businesses in every nich. If you have a business you are building up or building out I am interested in talking to you. Drop me a line at or give me a call.
I’m Bob Polan,
you can reach me at 416 840 6977.

The Secret To Getting A Ton Of Referrals

The secret to getting a ton of referrals is not really a secret at all. It is one of those things you learn and sometimes forget. It always makes me think of what Werner Erhard said: ” if you want people to be interested in you all you have to do is take an interest in them.”

This applies to business just as it applies to life. If you want people to refer you to their friends and business associates; to take an interest in you and your business you need to take an interest in them and what it is they have to offer. It is as simple as that.

It is so simple it makes you wonder why more people don’t do it. I know there are a ton of reasons why you don’t. I’m not going to talk about them here because just as my Dad used to say: “they are just excuses”.

My Dad was Captain of the Guns Crew on a Corvette during the second world war and he often related to things in business as part of a battle plan. He is gone now but I still hear his voice upon occasion.

“Getting more referrals is a desired outcome. Referring others is a tactic to bring about that outcome. Now all you need is a strategy to put you in a position to apply that tactic. Without a strategy understanding the tactic is of little use. One strategy is to keep your file of friends and business associates close at hand. I have a website I manage for that reason alone. it is a forum that I invite my customers to join when I first meet them.

On it I ask them what they do and where they do it. If the opportunity comes up during the course of my day to refer people to them I have no problem finding their contact information.

Three things happen. I point someone in the right direction and they are grateful. The person receiving the referral is grateful as well and I set the big wheel of “what goes around comes around” in motion. The great thing is the return is potentially two for one. One favour often returns two or more. Learn the tactic and apply the strategy to your business. You will see it works.

Taking The Water Business By Storm

Taking the water business by storm has been Ken’s dream for more than 15 years. It was a long time ago now that he and I stood in his garage filling bottles from his well and talking about how to capture the market. Ken started in the water business selling equipment like water softeners but it wasn’t long before he recognised that the equipment was a one time sale. The commissions were never going to make him rich but it put Ken a path that would lead to a billion dollar ideal. Fresh water was a commodity that would eventually make him very very rich.

There are thousands of people around the world making a living in the water business. Water purification systems go way back. Water delivery is a business going back thousands of years so what could Ken do to make his business so unique a doctor from the US would pay him close to one million dollars for patent rights to just a portion of his idea?

Ken’s idea was so unique it attracted funding from as far away as China. His talent for finding a simple solution to an age old problem was just part of what he would discover on the path to market domination.

Along the way Ken discovered his street smarts were a match for the book smarts of everyone he met. I told him his biggest problem would be getting his idea to market without loosing it to someone with more money and better business experience. Well it was one of his problems it wasn’t bigger than Ken’s dream.

Ken met lots of very smart people including doctors and lawyers and big business people in the water industry. Many took an interest in Ken’s idea and some even tried to take it and run with it without success.

Ken stuck with it and never gave up. The business went through some trying times that would have defeated anyone with a smaller dream but Ken soldered on.

Ken’s quest for a better way to deliver water is a great example of a rags to riches story. Ken will tell you himself he only has a grade six education. He worked as a lathe operator and a mechanic and spent two years flat on his back after an accident. It was because of his accident Ken was forced to take a job in sales.

The thing to take away from Ken’s story is this. Your greatest challenge is your greatest asset. Don’t let the size of the market or the players in it defeat you without a fight. There is more to you than you know.

Want some help taking your business to the street? I have an idea or two I would like to share. Join the discussion at and let us know what challenges you the most.

A Great Way To Take Your Business Off The Street Is ….

Article Marketing is a great way to take your brick and mortar business off the street and online. It takes you public in a very responsible way. It is a way to begin your conversation with the world at large so to speak. A conversation in which you are well scripted and rehearsed.

To be well scripted in any business is a great advantage. Many people in business are not sales people but find themselves in the roll of sales people because in business your success depends on your ability to sell your product or services.

Everyone in your business should be scripted and rehearsed to some extent. Do you need an elevator presentation? A thirty second introduction to your business? Absolutely! Would it make an interesting article to introduce your business? It would if it was about 300 words long.

I love to listen as people respond to the question ” so what do you do?”
I’m scripted and rehearsed so I know exactly what I’m going to say if they ask me back, and they usually do.
My scripted conversation when I first meet people starts with the question ” so …what do you do?”
I ask that as often as I can of as many people as I can. I also love to ask: “So … what do you want to do?

Before you tell anyone about you and your business it is a good idea to ask them about theirs. People are only going to buy from you when they get to know like and trust you and there is no better way to get that started than to ask them about themselves.

The thing is you need to be scripted and rehearsed both in the questions you are going to ask and in the answers you are going to give when people ask you back. Why not write articles about your business and then make an effort to have them published in as many places as you can.

Here is an easy place to start and they give you full instructions. They have published over 1 million articles from people like yourself. . Click the link and get started. As you start to script your business you will discover a ton of places you can publish your script as articles, in a blog, on Video.

Start with article marketing. Give it two hours a day and see how it helps your business grow both online and off.

Taking Your Brick and Mortar Business Online

Taking your brick and Mortar business off the street and online can change your market place from around the corner to around the world in a matter of days if done right. The problem is doing it right for one business is not doing it right for another.

Your business may be a service you provide to people locally. For example if you are a dog groomer you may not want to provide your services international. If you sell fresh baked goods you may not be able to ship them all over the world but chances are there is some component of your business that you can repackage and promote world wide.

The dog groomer can produce a how to video and demonstrate how to groom your pet daily. Then sell it on E-bay or through a news letter. He could set up affiliate partners all over the world and sell through them. And that is just for starters. Once he figures out a profitable system and develops a customer following the sky is the limit. Unlike the dog grooming business which is limited to the number of dogs you can groom in a day the video can be sold to thousands. The marketing can be scaled up and there is no limit to the number of sales that can take place in a day.

The baker can only bake so much bread but if he were to share his mother’s secret recipe online he may never need to bake bread again.

So you see how it works. It doesn’t matter what you do or produce there is probably a world market for some part of it. For many small businesses this approach to increased market share could be a life saver.

Small businesses all over America are under pressure from franchises and big box stores to compete on the the street. Big business buys in bulk and drives prices down. In many cases taking it online is the only way a small business can compete.

Planting Seeds

It is the beginning of a new year and even if your business is not seasonal it is affected by the seasons. Working with this fact and not against it is one of the things you will see successful business people do.

You don’t see the farmer out planting seeds in the winter time but come spring he is ready. Through the winter he took care of his equipment, went over his plan and watched for the first sign of spring. He rested up and got ready to take massive action.

In business we do the same thing. During the winter I take stock of what I have and what condition it is in.
I go over my customer list, my system of marketing and communications and I get ready for spring. I might take a holiday and spend some time on my relationships. I work on my plan and get ready to take massive action because just like the farmer I work with the seasons and not against them.

The spring is time for planting seeds and in business that usually means prospecting. Planting seeds of thought. Cultivating new ideas and relationships. Get out and meet the people you want to do business with. Call them on the phone, send them an email, knock on their door and ring their bell. Do what ever it takes. Take massive action.

Then give things time to grow. Don’t pull up the plants to see if the roots are growing. Don’t push your prospects to buy if they are not ready. Nurture your relationships with them. Get to know them and their business needs. Keep in touch with them. Sales and marketing is all about timing. Doing the right thing at the right time will help you be more successful.

Be the Brand

I remember a discussion about branding I had years ago when it was all new to me. I suspect it stuck with me for the past thirty or so years because it was so dead on. I have referred to it dozens of times over the years and it has always helped me make my point.

I was just starting my sales career as a Filter Queen salesman when I was introduced to a man who sold Electrolux. He made $35,000.00 that year or so he told me and it had a lot to do with the brand he sold. That was a lot of money back then so I was all ears.

The reason he so Electrolux and not Filter Queen, he told me, was Brand Recognition. It wasn’t that one was better than the other. He didn’t even care to debate that question. The fact was his brand was better recognised than mine. The name opened more doors and more wallets. It was as simple as that.

“If I was in England”, he said. “I would sell Hoover. In England people don’t say they are going to vacuum the rug, they say they are going to Hoover their rug. The Hoover brand is that popular because they did such a great job of branding themselves. Selling a well branded product is faster, easier and will make you more money. It is as simple as that.”

In today’s world when people are searching for products and services locally or world wide they “Google it”. When I say “Google it” what I mean is “search it online with the search engine I think of first”. Google is not the only search engine in the world but they are the strongest brand by far. They got that way by finding out what people are looking for and being the first to give it to them but also by branding their name into the minds of their customers.

If you are a sales agent for an insurance company or a real estate company you need to be the brand you promote. My name is Bob Polan. That is also my brand. When I introduce myself and after people buy from me that is what I want them to remember. I may change products or suppliers but the brand remains the same. I’m building the brand Bob Polan. I am conscious of that with every sale and every transaction.

Just recently a friend of mine who has been the top real estate agent in his area working with Remax for the past thirty years or more decided to make a change. He took his team to another company. The reason isn’t important here. The thing that is important is the move was made possible because Steve built his own brand. His advertising and his service promoted Steve Peroff.

As Steve explained, the important thing to his customers was his team. “Team Peroff” is the brand he has promoted his entire career.

So give a little thought to what brand you are building and if you would like some help. Just Google my name. Bob Polan is my name and my brand. You will find I’m at the top of their list. If your building your own brand I would like to be at the top of yours.

If you are building your brand and looking for some assistance I want you to take a look at Mine. I’m Bob Polan. You’ll find me at Building your brand may be just what I need to do to build a better brand of my own.

Taking It To The Streets

Thousands of independent business people put their message on the street at eye level every day in Canada and the US. probably all over the world. They put it on bill boards, bus benches and recycling bins, on the buss es, on the bus platforms and inside the buss es. There must be a reason. It is called Outdoor advertising and it might be just what you need to add to your advertising mix and I will tell you why.

I know most of you reading this probably do most of your advertising online. You find online traffic and divert it through your marketing funnel. You divert streams of traffic through multiple funnels and make multiple streams of income. You gather your marketing strategies from inside the web and most of you will see no reason for ever looking outside but a few of you may just think differently.

You may just think if everyone is directing traffic inside the web, who is directing traffic out side on the streets where real people live and breath? Then you might ask yourself “should you be directing that traffic”.

Well I’m happy to tell you I take a hand in it. As a matter of fact I have access to over 7000 locations in over 70 cities in Canada and the US and that is just a small portion of what is available. So let me tell you why you should give it some thought.

Here is a form of advertising that will put your message at eye level where people will see it every day. Day after day. I don’t know if you have ever heard this before but “repetition builds reputation”. A sign offline in the real world will say something about you and your business and you get to say what it is.

Signs in the real world are like banner adds in cyberspace but people are in the real world when they see them. Signs on the street can be a doorway between the outside world and cyberspace. If you are the one inviting people in guess what. They enter through your door they become your income stream.

Real Estate people today use this form of advertising to drive traffic to their websites and onto their extensive lists. It is one of the best ways of geo-targeting an audience. it isn’t just Real Estate agents either.
Restaurants, hair dressers, doctors and lawyers, insurance agents and a ton of other businesses as well.

So why not businesses that were built online? Some online pros have caught on. They send out post cards when they are doing an up sell to customers they have already on their list. They do well with this according to people like Mike Filsaime who sent me one.

One of the great things about outdoor advertising is that it is so scalable. If one sign drives traffic that converts at a profit getting a second one is easy. It is Geo-targeted and working 24/7 for you 365 days a year. It is simple and fast to set up and may cost less than you would think.

Multiple streams of income need to come from as many sources as possible. Don’t you think? It is your marketing. Why not take it to the streets?

I’m Bob Polan. I manage advertising campaigns for hundreds of independent businesses. If you’re building a brand and want to take it to the streets I would like to talk to you. You can find me at I may be able to help you.

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Who Are You Following And Why?

Anthony Robins said: “If you want better answers ask better questions.” So instead of asking what are you doing in 140 letters or less I want to know: “Who are you following and why?” It just seems to be a more relevant question for today’s online marketer. You see if you are following people who have been successful, are successful or are heading in the general direction of success then you are more likely to find yourself moving in the right direction.

So who are you following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? Who are you following in Business? Who are you following in your social life and where are they leading you?

Does that seem like a good question to you?

I’m an affiliate marketer. I am just entering the market so I’m following some of the people who have been in the industry for a long time. Online that means more than 24 to 48 months. I plan to create multiple streams of income so I follow a variety of people. Some have made their money as Affiliate marketers selling downloadable products. I like that idea so I am following them. Some are into Multi Level Marketing. I have looked closely at the business model, worked with a product or two and I see a lot of potential even though I haven’t made any money myself. I follow the leading online marketer in MLM so one day, if I decide to take that path I will be ready.

I follow a number of people who sell information products and a number who sell software, some with blogs and some with static sites. You see I know if I follow long enough to understand what they are doing and why I can do the same thing they are doing and achieve the same results. Make sense?

So who are they? Who are you following? Are you following the most successful people in your industry or just your family and friends? If you are online to promote your business who are you following and why?

As an author and affiliate marketer I need to create a following of people who feel they know like and trust me enough to purchase the products I promote. My success depends, to a great extent, on who I follow and why. If you are interested in making a living online your success depends on the same thing. To follow me visit

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